Let’s Just Start with a Hey Girl, Hey…

I have never done this before. Mmmm…actually this is kind of like when I was presented with my own computer for Christmas. I have always been a tech nerd so I was so hype. One cool fact, I love typing…mostly because I’m that freaking amazing with the keys. I’m so lame HAHA. I took keyboarding in high school and used to love doing the keyboarding speed tests and was just so proud that I was one of the best. You will learn that I love being the best at any and everything I possibly can.

Anywayssssssss…I went on a tangent and let’s pull a “U-ee”. I used to get on this diary site and since I love typing, I used this site to type my diary and feel snazzy. I loved it. When I felt like being a bad ahh, that’s what I did. Talk junk, vent, feel important in my own thoughts. Sometimes you feel like you aren’t important in others’ thoughts, so why not get trapped in your own Sims world.

BTW…Sims were my best friends…I am not that lame to converse with them, but the game was dopeeeeeeeeee. I sometimes want to get back into it, but I am pretty sure my lack of life would turn into straight up no life. Not I!

Ok, we back. I’m trying dang haha. So I am excited to document all these thoughts that sometimes I feel too lame or silly to say aloud. I’m hoping my journey to be shameless can help someone who is in the same boat. Lost in an ocean of instagram models and small city celebrities who are famous for being the size of my ring finger. This blog is for all of the fine, basic in our heads but not in real life women who want to find their God given strength. Funny thing is…girl…WE ALREADY HAVE IT! You already have muscles, you just lift weights to define and make them larger. Same with our strength. Just gotta put in the time and get that Word that just hits your spirit.

Word of the Blog: 1 Samuel 15…that jank goes hard.

Love God, Love you,



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