Not Yet Baby…

Just know, while I’m typing this, my pre-workout has me sitting here itching and looking like a straight up crack head. Just wanted to give you a good illustration and start off the day and the blog. If I were extra, I would tell you that the itch has now traveled below the belt… transparency haha.

Well hope everyone’s July 4th has started well. I don’t really celebrate this holiday, I’m  walking around like Snoopy trying to sniff out the grills.

I read a scripture today that really hit my spirit and the cool thing is I had heard a sermon on this scripture not too long ago from Michael Todd. I’ll make sure to tag the scripture at the end.

“Not yet” is a phrase that just burns at the soul of an impatient person. Anyone know the story of David and how he was chosen to be King when Saul started “smelling himself” as my momma would say? Well I’ll give you the biscuit and gravy part that hit me the most. David was secretly selected to replace Saul’s hard headed behind as King. He knew it, and it was set by God so we know it is going to be liveeee baby! But… he had to wait for it to all fall into place. That’s like God saying I’m going to give you a son and you are old as dirt and you’re like…”how… how Lord… when Lord…I mean it’s kinda dusty down there Lord…soooo what day and time Lord.” Better ask Sarah and Abraham how that worked out.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me something good is going to happen, ya girl is ready. No games. You feeling me? Better pick out dresses now because he is going to marry all of this. Haha Patience is truly a virtue. David worked under the man he was going to replace just by playing music and being his armor bearer. Also he worked as a shepherd for his dad. 2 Jobs… both were definitely not King status yet. I am chosen… but I have to wait and work for the boss even though I’m supposed to be a boss?! LAWD THIS IS MY STORYYYYYYY! LOL

Charlamagne the God said something I loved from his book Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It. He said you have to learn to put the weed in the bag first. Awful I know, but a great worldly metaphor that resonates with our newer generations. You have to start from the bottom to not just know how it feels, but to learn as you go. He learned from the King on things Kings should and probably shouldn’t do. He watched, he grew, he learned lessons, he became stronger, he learned to enjoy the journey. Social media and technology have taken away patience. I am a believer of this. It has done it to me. Everything is immediate so we expect promotions in 2 months or to have our businesses thriving in 6 months. Chile..where?!

Learn how to put the weed in the bag. Take the coffee orders. Listen, absorb, and remix. Don’t do everything exactly as taught. Learn and master it, then put your own signature on it. I do it everyday. I’m blessed to be an amazing mentee because I need help receiving so I can share the message one day when I have others looking at me for their direct deposit. We’ve got this. Humility and patience are the coolest cousins at the cookout… get to know them. I’m still trying to see how patience makes her chocolate cake recipe.

Blog Word of the day:

1 Samuel 16…just read the whole thang. I highlighted most of it.

Love God, Love yourself,

Love Krystal.

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