Kiki, Do you Love me!? Or Maybe Nice for What…

A woman will give water to who gave her water. You have to invest in the well.

This is about to be a small McDonald’s nugget. Plus I need to still learn the dance to this Drake song since everyone has been killing it on Instagram. Have you ever felt left out when you couldn’t do the popular dances? Honey…*RAISES HAND HIGH*. LOL I’m going to act my age and stop sitting around like I’m 50 two stepping everywhere I go. “Kiki, do you love me!?”

You ever had an ex that had you stuck? Y’all better stop having me raise my hand by myself. Haha Well I have. My ex was my high school pup love. Not real love… pup love. Back in the day you thought you guys would be married and all of the above. Looking back, I was on crack. I heard a sermon today that just clicked for me. Pastor G from Word Tab in Rocky Mount, NC just confirmed what I wish someone would have told me. Everything looks pretty at first until the rollers come out. Learn to not judge the appearances at that moment. We fall for these people without getting to know them fully and not being able to use the “D-word”…discernment. We dedicate our time and lives to a bunch of Blade’s cousins. Vampires who don’t care about you. They just want to get what they need out of your until you’re sucked dry.
Let’s learn to get over exes.

First by seeing what did they improve for you in your life. Did they improve anything? Did they make anything worst? Did they make your relationship with God stronger? Did they make you physically better? If you have to think too long…GURL LET HIM GOOOOO HAHA! It took me so long to get over this man so if you are going through anything right now, Krys can relate. Sometimes exes don’t give you your closure and you go Virgo crazy. Why did you cheat? Why didn’t you love me? Kiki, do you love me!!?? HONEY! I was on Facebook back in the day when you had to get an invite lol I was searching and looking at the girls page and everything possible.

I hadn’t pulled my spirit away from this man until the beginning of this year. I am 27 and we met when in I was 16. DON’T BE ME! HAHAHA The blessing is I can laugh and just be cool with the situation and him. I was stuck on an old feeling and chasing someone who was not in my will any longer. Jesus had to flick me and say girl sit your butt down! When he had his baby with a woman that he barely claimed and acted as if he didn’t even deal with. Block list. Done. Signed, sealed, delivered baby. AMAZON PRIME’D IT!

To get over an ex, you must love yourself harder. Sounds so easy. SIKE. It takes practice, a Bible translation you can understand, time to yourself, friendship, and a few selfies that remind you of how dope and beautiful you are. I recommend selfies with and without makeup. You have to love yourself at your most vulnerable and wig-less self. Know what you are talented in or take the time to evaluate yourself. It will get better young queen/king. God had to move them out of your way so you he could upgrade you. Don’t keep the store bought mac and cheese when grandma is in the kitchen putting the real stuff in a baking dish! Now if you still eating that weird pot mac and cheese… prayers for you and your family.

Blog Word of the Day: Proverbs 5, straight schools you on bad relationships.

Love God, Love yourself,

Love Krys

9 thoughts on “Kiki, Do you Love me!? Or Maybe Nice for What…

  1. Venny says:

    I had an ex when I was in high school and she broke my heart.. I was in a slump and it took me a while to get over her because all the work you put into the relationship. As a teenager the way to get over someone is to talk to someone else.. But as you get older you realize all you need is God and self love to keep you going…
    Another day .. Another great blog..๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

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  2. Charles Alston says:

    Deep!!! As a man, I can admit that I’ve experienced the same thing & yes it’s definitely hard to overcome (Love), but as u learn urself & truly learn of GOD, HIS grave & mercy, it becomes alot easier. I commend u for stepping up to let the world know that it’s possible to overcome it, that there’s still hope & that we serve a awesome GOD. So with that being said, keep grinding & keep striving to be best u can be & watch u make a difference in a lot of lives. Be Blessed Queen. ๐Ÿ™Œ

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