I’m a Christian… how the freak do we date?

By the title, you know this about to be some tea with a little bit of lemon and some honeyyyyyy, honey. I am Christian and how the freak am I supposed to date? Ok, fake story time… hope you’re ready because these are the scenarios that go through my head.

My name is Keisha and I met a man named Greg. Greg went to my small group and we became friends over coffee and tea at Starbucks. He gets agave nectar in his tea so we united. We read our Bible together sometimes and we pray together every night over the phone. We also send prayers. We coordinate our colors going to church and it isn’t even on purpose! We shout together and he courted me and never kissed me at all. We hug and pray. We are made to be. We wait until marriage and honeymoon night…ON…AND…POPPING.

Ok so this is how I feel like it should work. No physical touch, no booty grabs. Nothing.

I honestly, have not lived by this. I had phases of my life where I went years because I just didn’t want to disappoint God and I always had this fear of being used for sex. I have a fear of being played. Homie don’t play dat. So to protect myself, I side eye er’ one of these men. Too much sex in our talks… he want da’ bunz. I’m not down for the cause.

I’ve honestly went through times where I wasn’t but a piece of meat for someone and allowed it. I have went through times where I had a great boyfriend who waited years and still didn’t get any. Now him… much respect. Everyone is on this “test drive the car before you drive off the lot” mindset. To me… when you love someone for who they are in their entirety… the poo-nanny is gonna be good. Lol Just how I think.

Now don’t get it twisted, I can barely listen to my own advice on this topic. It’s hard to do things the way you think it should Biblically go. However, know your worth and know what you want for yourself. Stick to your word. You may not want to wait until marriage. We are in a world where waiting is called “naïve and unrealistic”. I’ve even had family tell me I was bugging when I was expressing the want to wait. No judgment from me. We will talk about my times of slip ups one day. I’m not ready lol give me a little bit.

Now the hard part is… what do you do when you are feeling someone more than you ever had, and you don’t want to give them any but you are honestly afraid to lose them. Now, as I type this I realize my own answers. If he doesn’t find you worth waiting for, then he isn’t worth your time. Value was set on your life before you were born. You are a seasoning that is only sold in Whole foods on the top shelf that only REALEST knows about. You are a mix of paprika, a root from Africa, some sweetness and a whole lot of heat babyyyy. That type of seasoning is only meant for Grade A foods. Not that bootleg steak you get for $2 at Save A Lot, or that awful tilapia (I hate tilapia). It is for that butcher shop steak that is only available twice a year and that salmon that can only be caught in the Oochie Boochie River… just saying it’s that exclusive. Stop giving your goodness to these lames. If you think about it later in life, he wasn’t even that fine lol Come on.

We have to set out standards by our creators standards of us. We are unique and Bomb.org… too many people on on Bomb.com… they lame now.

He made you in his own image, so Tyrone will find you girl. Krystal is waiting for her Tyrone too…it’s ok… we can make a finding Tyrone search group whenever you’re ready. However, I’m pretty sure he’s going to find us. We too sexy to be skipped over. *Two snaps *

Love God, Love Yourself

Love Krys

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