“What are y’all?” “He’s just a friend” “Mhhhmmmm”


Aye… this is real life. I never claim a man until his intentions are stated and them actions match. If those actions don’t match. Hey friend!

I am a very guarded woman. Let’s just put that right on the table right by the coaster. I just care about protecting my heart. I do not like to get my expectations up with people because my expectations are sometimes a bit too high. So if a man wants Krystal and she wants him back… he cannot slip up. If he slips up, I take 2 steps back and go back to my ways. I am terrible with over keeping people, especially men, in my life because of boredom. I will not have much interest in them, but just in case the one you actually care for messes up, I have a back up text buddy.

Now this is a habit I am finally killing with prayer. However, sometimes it wants to come up.

I had a guy I was talking to and he started to back up. Oh we not about that… No Kryssy do you love me…NOPE! LOL I don’t play that backing up stuff. It hurts a Virgo to have her show you love and you back up from her and then not give explanation. The explanation given was valid but the miscommunication is what hurt. You were able to share so many personal things with me, but something little, you couldn’t express. That’s when the friendship word comes back because I step back in defense mode. My first phrase when that happens is…” hey friend”.

When a guy cares, how are you supposed to know it’s real? I can pray to God for clarity but I truly think my God sometimes just smiles at me and says “be patient”. He knows that answer makes me mad lol I know he knows it. However, I have to. I have a hard time waiting for things to fall into place when I have given apart of my heart to someone. I also have a hard time waiting for things that I feel are good. Someone can see something and not think it’s worth it, and I will see that worth. Even at my job. Someone will talk down on an employee of mine, but I see that diamond and the dirt that just needs to be cleaned off. I have belief in people. Sometimes they don’t appreciate me. It happens. However, you still are worth dating for a purpose not just keeping you by their side until they are done with you.

Listen and look for the signs to see if that man is just a friend or more. God will never lead you wrong. It’s us who does that to ourselves. I’ve been cheated on so many times, by dudes who truly just ain’t squat. Side note, they still hit me up. The… sauce. Lol

If he is willing to express his emotions and you have given him the platform and time to do it, then he may be worth you exploring. If he is too guarded and egotistical to express those feelings, brush off those heels and trot on sister. Invest into a man who is worth the investment. If he makes you feel undervalued… his price tag gun is broken, he doesn’t know any better. Never…EVER…base your worth off of a man. I’ve done it. Depressed myself, cried like a baby, and got back up and kept rolling. Women are built to last. Don’t forget that. Even Jesus had a momma… just saying.

Love God, Love yourself

Love Krys


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