Once Upon a Time, Someone Ate a Licked Chicken Nugget

AYEEEE…lol hey y’all. I have the day off and decided to dye some hair blue. Pray for me. My last dye job on hair was slightly successful. Puke green and doo doo green mixed together. Very successful lol. Today I wanted to speak on childhood memories. Positive vibes that turn into lessons and deeper meanings. You ready!? Not in my feelings today bae!

Once upon a time, there was a guy who I went to middle school with. He was a bit of a butt hole. (I say this in the nicest way I can.) He was a mouth and a bully. He was nice to some folks but if they weren’t “popular” enough… naw. We are all sitting at the lunch table and it is nugget day baby! Honey on deck! He goes up to the line for something, and everyone makes up this plot to lick his chicken nuggets. I had two friends who were just master minds I tell you. haha Anyway, a few people grab a nugget and lick that jank good. He comes back to the table and of course we are all watching. READY FOR THAT BITE! He finally eats one and we start bugging. He looks around and then someone at the table tells him that they licked his chicken nugget. Now, if this was up to me, I would have let him eat them all and just smiled on the inside for the rest of the day. I get pleasure in being childish and petty sometimes lol Forgive me Lord. He was HOT…BIG MAD! lol He was checking his food for a hot minute!

You ever had someone do you dirty and ever since, you were extra careful or very conscious about certain things you were in? When the girl on the back of the bus calls you an ugly little girl. (This one was mine.) Maybe when someone tells you that you have no butt. (Also mine, but we stacked now baby HAHA) Or maybe when someone says you aren’t smart enough, or that you are big musty bird (I actually said this to someone in 7th grade…awful.) Micheal Todd put me on game on being damaged. It’s basically when things of your past haunt your present actions and thoughts. You have a hard time calling yourself beautiful with no makeup on because you received more compliments when your face was beat. You are afraid to apply for a job because you feel underqualified. You are afraid to release your heart to someone because you are afraid of their judgments towards who you truly are. But God…

Damaged areas don’t mean that the inner soul looks as damaged as the outside. Micheal Todd used a prop in his elaboration on how it is to be damaged. He had some expensive shoes in a shoebox and he was drilling and burning the crap out of it. However, the inner makings were still beautiful and expensive. We are so caught up on people seeing our damaged areas that we block the good folks and the people who need to see that for their own growth. Damaged just means you have a testimony. God uses all of your damaged areas to grow us for the next journey. I can now help a woman who feels ugly understand that nothing custom made by God means is ugly I’m Gucci baby! I’m a Dooney and Burke! lol HIGH PRICED AND HIGH QUALITY! God paid for me with life! WTHECK! lol Rejoice in knowing that worth is not created by man, we just have let social media not disturb the dopeness of us all. You don’t have to get your booty done to be loved. You do have to love yourself first.

Am I perfect in this area? Nope. Nope…nope. lol I picture myself studdering. Sorry I’m silly. I just believe me thinking a man gave me value, can help the next woman see that it’s a normal thing to be lost. I’m a brick house surrounded by a brick wall. LOL I am beautiful in many different ways and can barely see it. It’s like looking in the mirror in a sauna. Foggy, steam-filled and blurred. God and a whole lot of growth is needed to see things clearly. Jada Pinkett- Smith said it took her until her 40s to feel truly beautiful. Now, I’m not trying to take that long…just being real lol. Don’t give up sista. You’re too beautiful and talented. Remember that.

Word of the Blog: 1 Samuel 19…man Saul was trifling and David was just getting spears thrown at him like nobody’s business.

Love God, Love Yourself

Love Krys

3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time, Someone Ate a Licked Chicken Nugget

  1. Emanuel says:

    Awesome. Krystal you are just great. Brick house surrounded by a brick wall! Now just get your dogs to patrol the perimeter and you really are Gucci! Thanks for the Blogs love. Next stop you take over that Q and A for miss whatever her name is in the newspapers. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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