“It’s going to be Consequences and Repercussions!!”

Man. Lol I haven’t seen Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in sooooo long. I was watching the video on that part, I would have put the whole part… but you know there is a whole “burnch” of cussing in it. Lol So I’ll chill. Welcome back to my random thoughts and my journey with listening to God. Whew Chile!

My blog is pertaining more to my word I’ve been reading in Samuel and some of the books I’ve also been reading. The Bible mixed with The Hate U Give, The Black Unicorn, A Deeper Love Inside, The Raven Boys… and we could just go on. I’ll start doing more blogs on the books I read and what I pull out of reading and why it’s my new wave of dopeness. Reading makes my mind resist being idle and being the stereotype of the crazy black woman. Lol When I think too much, I start plotting and assuming, don’t judge me.

David was on his On the Run Tour 2 like Beyoncé honey. Saul the hater, was after him and trying to kill him. He went to a town named Nob that had priests who resided there. He spoke to a priest and lied about why he was there, saying that he was sent on a private mission by the king. The priest helped him and fed him holy bread and all the 9 yards. Even hooked him up with his old sword. Ya boy was fed and ready. Now this little “white” lie seemed so small and simple. God wouldn’t mind right? Lies. That simple lie led to the killing of 85 priests and destroying a town. Everything has a consequence whether good intentions or not.

Now Eddie Murphy told big dude in Life that there would be some consequences and repercussions coming his way if he tried to come for that cornbread! Now this isn’t’ real life lol he got that tail whooped. However, I think we get so lost in the sauce that we believe we can float around with no consequences. We have grace, but you can still get checked by God. If you are going around breaking hearts for fun, remember those things will come back on you. If you are cussing everyone out and being rude to everyone in customer service, you will get checked. I had a customer the other day…BOI…BOI… lol Hand was shaking. I will smile at you and I’m not going to give that negative vibe back to you. Now sarcasm…I might give you a little scoop.

Now, I’ve have done some jacked up things in my life and they have come back on me in so many ways. Lying about MySpace, cake and grapes (one day I will talk on that), sunblock (this one too), and etc. If you think you can hurt people or go around having sex with every thick thing in sight, and not think an itch or a baby will come out of it… you bugging. Cause and effect. Let’s work on being the good people that shine lights on this world. We will always sin but it shouldn’t be in a way like “ohhhh I can do whatever, God knows my heart”. Chill. He does but he knows his child is bad lol. We all are slacking, but let’s try to be more responsible for our actions and not judge each other, but be real with each other in a loving way. We all know what we are doing right or wrong, but be self-aware.

Also, I want to shout out one of my best friends Ciani on that God filled wisdom she gave me earlier. Get you some honest friends who let you know about God and how we sync into his plan for us.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

Blog Word of the Day: Samuel 21-22, those 2 are just OMG, great scriptures.

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