Feels like Summer…but where my Summer bod at tho?

Feels like Summer… Childish Gambino. Love the vibe of his music and most R&B. I still struggle with getting into hip hop music these days. I can’t understand it! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING! Lol The rap I need to get into for the “word play” as a friend of mine told me, I just ain’t in it to win it right now. Rambling… I’m back! Good day folks!

Anyone chunky and trying to get the LB’s off? Man if you have rolls, I have a club to support us so you are always invited baby boo! I honestly would rather have rolls than a big gut. We have to learn how to find blessings in any area of our life. One day walk around and observe things that others may have to go through and notice how blessed and fortunate you are. There is a man who rolls pass my store everyday, and key word is “rolls”. You can walk to the bathroom. Simple things.

Now don’t get it twisted, I still want to be able to wear biker shorts to the mailbox. Simple things right? Lol I have lost 40 lbs and I still have a ways to go. I feel like sometimes I get so defeated because I “call” myself eating right and working out semi-consistently and no progress. Ya girl gained 2 lbs this week. WHERE!? HOW!? Lol I feel good and I don’t feel fatter and I have muscles where they use to not reside. Then why is my scale hurting my feelings? Forget that chick, she isn’t on team Krystal! lol

I’ve  been chubby since I was in 5th grade I believe. I have been hippy since 6th grade and then just kept expanding with age. I wasn’t crazy obese even though my doctor at VT liked to call me that, but I was a thickums. When you’ve always been told that you can’t wear certain things or that you didn’t look like the other girls in your class, it can damage you a bit. Then when you are awkward looking and don’t know how cool you are yet, man… people missed out on this cool, thick chick right here. I allowed myself to be hidden, and allowed my unique build and 5-head to restrict me from who I really am. Don’t let a love handle or big nose stop you from feeling summer time fine. We have one temple. Protect it and improve it. Don’t let validation be your reason for losing weight. Let your want to wear biker shorts with no dents be for you, not a man nor for attention. I want to look at myself and be like “GUAH YOU BETTA WERK!” This is for you… remember you are the best at this game. Stop letting people run that.

You are fine. You are beautiful. Girl its your whole vibe that kills the game. The dope way you walk and your knees knock. The dope way all your pants turn into high waters. MAN YOU ARE THAT UNIQUELY MADE THAT EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS A WAVE! LOL Catch it guys. When these rolls subside, don’t be trying to rub on this back! Lol  Be blessed y’all.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

10 thoughts on “Feels like Summer…but where my Summer bod at tho?

  1. Don’t Get Gawt says:

    Wordplay makes the song along with the artist worthwhile. It gives you a minute to appreciate intellect. And now since you know my name I gotta change the alias

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Key says:

    Cheers to weight loss and muscle gain (muscles can add to the scale too so no worries).

    Loving it! Summer bod all year round not just in it for the summer.


  3. Venson says:

    Great blog I’ve battled with restrictions with myself for years it took me a couple of good people around me that told me be who you are don’t let anything block your blessings.. Thank you


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