Real Love, Stretch Marks, and Obedience

Are you going to love me? Why does this matter? I legit just pulled that first question off of Teyana Taylor’s Gonna Love Me. Just biting off of lyrics tonight. My usual so you guys should expect that by now. Sooooo…topic…freestyled this a bit but it’s derived from some scriptures I’ve been in. Great news though! I have finally read through 1 Samuel, only took like 10 years right!? Aye, God had really been delivering messages from this book. Love it. I guess I could tell you why and how that relates to some stretch marks. HERE WE GO, MIC CHECK!

If you ever have experienced real love, congrats to you. I just bought some balloons out of Party City for you. Blessings upon it all. I need to become friends with you so you can school me on that success. However, the real love I am speaking on is a bit more biblical tonight. It is that love thy neighbor and that coworker who always is eating your gogurts type love. Loving your coworkers and the people who work under your position. Now love, real love, is unconditional. It is a love for people you see who you can pass judgment on and think they are lazy. It’s a love that makes you greet the weird dude in Walmart who keeps licking the pineapples. It’s pretty serious as you can tell. You don’t belittle or speak down on them or act as if they do not matter. Who gave you the right to put down people? Now, I’m going to be honest. I still have issues passing judgment. I can judge and analyze the mess out of someone. Analyzing and wanting to understand the person is cool, but passing judgment on their situation was not on your birth certificate. You don’t have that right.

Real love is also a love for yourself. Real love is that love God put in you when you said, “Lord you are my savior and I believe in who you are”. That love that oozes out of you like a Debbie cake. YEP THAT’S US! However, we sometimes don’t realize that real love means we care about what we put in our temple and how much of it we put there as well. Over eating… my temple could not handle. My temple said “Guah, you really think you can expand like this with dry skin, I got something for your tail.” Stretch marks like I had triplets up in this piece. There are all types of ways that we harm ourselves. Mentally and physically we can put ourselves down and we can subject ourselves to treatments from cutting ourselves to letting a man tear you apart inside. Love who God made you, because remember, he makes no mistakes. Sometimes we can scar the temple he gave us, but honey the insides are still the same. Find you a man/woman who knows that, you got a good one. Don’t let the scars define you. Love those stripes. I haven’t yet but this is for me too.

Real love is obedience. Loving the pure love, God, and understanding that he won’t set you up to fail. It has been a process for me. I want to do things my way! Dag on it! He popped me a couple times for thinking this way. I got whooping from God so many times. I have a state I lived in, Indiana, where most of my whoopings occurred. Homeless and struggling with pride. You have to learn to seek God’s guidance and listen. Saul and David are the main stars of 1 Samuel. *SPOILER ALERT* Saul doesn’t make it out of 1 Samuel. He was so hard headed and wanted things on his timing and his way. But aren’t we all like this? When we make that move to another state for a job that God never gave the okay for, and now you’re barely making enough to cover the rent in that apartment you share with roaches. Happened to me lol. I know others have experienced this. We have all these dreams and goals that have a check box besides it that God never checked for you. He wanted more for you, but your sight is so stuck in the world, you can barely wrap your mind around having even more.

I told one of my friends this today, “Why would God give a Queen to a Prince?” COPYRIGHT THIS NOW! Lol I just thought it helped in my message and thoughts for today. God needs you to understand real love and obedience before he can give you something more mature for you. Wait. Be obedient and listen. To listen, someone has to speak, meaning a dialogue must be going on. You don’t speak to him or read about him, but you want him to give you all these signs? lol Sounding like the way I was.

Seek, listen, abide, and share the love. It’s really in that order in my book. You can’t share something you don’t have yet. If so, we would all be walking around with a bunch of I-O-Us lol. I got you when that check hits.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

Word of the Blog: 1 Samuel 30-31. Ends on a pretty dope note. Get you a study bible if you don’t have one. They are the plug.

5 thoughts on “Real Love, Stretch Marks, and Obedience

  1. Mr Prince says:

    It takes time to understand the path God has for us. I’m still learning. The amazing thing about him is that he allows us the opportunities to make our mistakes. He gave us free will but he never leaves us. This post is powerful.

    Liked by 1 person

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