Just Do It…Be Boldly You…No Basics came from 1990…and Some More Stuff

Nike lol GOAT of the week for sure. All that blackness beside a check mark. YOU BETTAAAAA! The message was deeper than what some Americans could interpret. Not as deep as a Childish Gambino video, but still a great message to be seen visually. Nike is still working with the NFL, the organization that oppressed the main star of the commercial. When you make yourself a brand that has value, they won’t flick you off like an insect, like they tend to do a lot of us. We come off like a bother or threat because we look and behave differently. God’s love shouldn’t be based on color.

Just giving out some chicken nuggets to start this blog. I promise you, I am going some where lol. You know I can go on a tangent and title won’t even match a thang! Just do it. Just do it. A statement that reflects a lot of our Christian walks and a lot of our evolution as we find our inner strength. You ever been afraid to say the wrong things and look the wrong way? So yall just gonna leave me hanging with my hand up alone. FO’ GET U! Jokey joke. I am afraid to let who I am be seen. Honestly, it’s because I don’t even know who she is. I did a quiz today on fashion. I have been trying to find out how to express my inner person through clothing and accessories. I couldn’t even do that right lol.

I am a person who likes comfort and basic pieces, sophisticated looks, sporty looks, bold looks, figure hugging pieces (cuz the booty gotta thrive) and so many others. I could’t even take the dag on quiz. I feel like my personality matches that. I’m not just goofy, I’m bougie. I’m not just lazy, I’m a super planner who likes to be in control. I’m cool and lame at the same time. lol Jesus who am I!?

I think I just typed some sense right on out of me. I am an alien on a planet full of people who want to blend. I had a best friend who lived in Ohio, and he put me on to this alien mindset. Christian rappers who were always calling themselves aliens, just blew me. I finally asked him “why do they say that?” He told me because as Christians, we must know this isn’t our home. We shouldn’t act like everyone else. We are only here temporarily to spread light. We bug out so much over stuff that won’t matter. JUST DO IT! JUST BE YOU KRYS! Who cares who doesn’t like it. I am organically my own lettuce. God made me unique and flawed for a purpose. As long as I am a good person and spreading his light, why does it matter if I dress or speak like anyone else but myself? I’m rolling in these streets looking crazy one day! lol Sike. Just my own fly and dope self.

Make a promise to God, you and me: Be you, and find strength in God. When you feel too weak to function in this confusing world, get on those knees and ask for direction. So what if your relationship with God isn’t perfect, he still thinks you are dopest you of all times. I’ll listen to my own advice when I feel weak in who I am. That also means us accepting other for who they are and wanting the best for each other. Remember that words can hurt. Be real and helpful. Not real and mean as a wedgie. Nuggets for thought. 🙂

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

5 thoughts on “Just Do It…Be Boldly You…No Basics came from 1990…and Some More Stuff

  1. Don’t Get Gawt says:

    This feels like you tried to touch in all aspects in life but yet you still want to find the main niche in life. If you don’t appreciate every gene in your life system girl. Don’t Get Gawt.

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  2. Venny says:

    I love this.. it’s easier being yourself than someone else and As long as you stand by your word and your heart follow by your actions.. like kaepernick everyone didn’t support him but he didn’t care because he believed in himself and he did it with his intentions and not for attention.. great blog

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pretty & Petty says:

    Great post ! A lot of people feel this way so it’ll be great to know that their not alone. Hopefully God will lead them to this post. Keep being the amazing person that you are best friend !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Key says:

    I’m doing it, even when I get tired. Thank you for the inspiration and shoutout to Nike for taking a stand which means this Alien thing isn’t going unnoticed.

    Liked by 1 person

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