Life Behind the Maybelline Part 2: Unqualified and Awkward Queen

Why is it so weird to admit to yourself or others that you may be lame? Lame is unique. Lame means “Lovesome and moderately extra”. I had to google some adjectives that start with an L, but we made it. I’m making acronyms from every word that comes off as negative and making it a positive. So be ready for this good jelly baby.

Why am I blogging when I suck at grammar? Now don’t get it twisted, ya girl was pulling A’s in English, but I forgot EVERYTHING. Math is more interesting so I tend to not care how to speak correct English and sound like I have a little bit of education. Sorry parents. I didn’t finish college. I usually never complete long term tasks because of lack of one specific fruit of the spirit: Self-control. My discipline gave me the deuces when I went to college. Its much better now… but honey child… we still have some work to do. Is that ok though?

Yes! We have such a comparative spirit because of social media, insecurities, others’ comments on our lives, and so many other things that have negative effects on our mindsets. I am in school for something so different from what I was in for at Virginia Tech. I was in school for Chemical engineering. My logic was that I like chemistry and I like engineering…I think. I just knew that I wanted to be a black woman who mastered a predominantly man-filled industry. That’s all I cared about. What people would think and how smart I would look. However, intelligence and a lack of discipline and purpose, leads to a balance issue.

I see people who are 22, 24, and even 18 owning businesses and having that mindset that I wish I would have had when I was younger. I never was around business owners and I was always a great student but never knew where I fit in. I didn’t fit in with the cool crowd, I didn’t fit in with the thotties (aye we are being real), and I didn’t fit in with the people who picked their scalp. Thank you Jesus on the last one. I felt like I was too shy or awkward and till this day, I never know what to say to people I’m just meeting unless they are coming into my store. I walk fast in stores and I don’t make eye contact unless you are a customer I see in public. God is going to make me use that fear of dealing with people. He is good for using our weakness to show his strength. My best friend Jesus is always trying to improve me… dang lol.

So what do you do as an unqualified and awkward queen? You own it. You accept your flaws and figure out what you need to improve about yourself and what you want to stick with. I am bossy and I pay attention to detail. I’m not changing. LOL YOU THOUGHT ITTTTTTTT! I want to keep that. I want to use it to be a better leader and help businesses who need a bit more help in how they do things. I want to help so many people and do so many things. I didn’t figure this out until 2018. Lateeeee. But we’re here now. NOW. God has you around people who are doing it NOW. So you can step up NOW. Stop waiting on him. Baby girl… he’s waiting on you! NOW. Stop procrastinating because of insecurities. NOW GUAH DANG! Lol I preach this to myself so don’t get emotional on me.

Stop comparing. Stop waiting. Stop hesitating because of fear and self-esteem issues. No one can stop you but you. Do something uncomfortable every day. Watch the change God puts in your life and watch you stop sitting on your hands and match that faith with works. Thank me later. I’ll take e-cards. 🙂

My new name is Awkward Queen, you can call me AQ, Queeny, or Awkwa for short. Sounds a smidge like Aqua woman… just spread the word to DC Universe so I can get that check. My best friend would probably say “I’m good luv, enjoy” right about… now lol.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

Word of the Blog: I am in 2 Samuel. I want to give you some word I found though. Proverbs 19:8, check her out

8 thoughts on “Life Behind the Maybelline Part 2: Unqualified and Awkward Queen

    • Key says:

      Hey Awkwisha!!! Great way to spend a study break during finals. They say that if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing so I’m definitely feeling the message. I am glad that you found your purpose and thank you for turning your detours into a story in which others can relate.
      Peace & Love

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Venny says:

    Love it!! I have the same problem walking fast not making eye contact but you have to face that fear and defeat it.. guess I am a Awkward King myself lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uriah says:

    Fantastic, I feel like I’m on my journey to finding the True BOAZ within myself. It hasn’t been easy and sometimes not enjoyable, but nonetheless I’m continuously enjoying every lesson that is being taught, good and bad! I pray that you touch lives that have never been touched before, people can read or hear things over and over, and never get it, but you just never know, you can put things together in such a way that it just clicks. It’s clicking for me, thank you, Krys! You’re awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. BeautifulBorahK says:

    Awesome awesome article. You’re very talented and I feel like you are definitely changing and helping people find theirselves and love their self, including myself. Keep on spreading love and good vibes. God is definitely using you.

    Liked by 1 person

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