Remove Your Orange Cones, The Fear U Give

Aye baby we LIVE…

I had this whole day planned. I was going to go grocery shopping, do homework, study some new marketing methods and get this blog post out. Oh, also shower. Most of this stuff got done. Shower…lol Sorry that didn’t make the cut. NO SHOWER SUNDAY! lol Smell it and weap. Now to the subject of the day…failure…yayyyyy…mmm.

Are you really afraid to fail?

HECK TO THE MOTHA LUVIN YEA! I won’t even dance in public too much because I feel like I will look like an off beat black girl who has no black card. I am so afraid to let loose that I won’t even do my Becky twerk!? Ya girl is blessed in the caboose but can ‘t do a thing with it. It’s like having a car with no license. Illegal and purposeless. Still looks dope though.

Why do we care about failure? Yolanda Adams and Michael Todd from Transformation Church had me in my feelings this morning. God I ask you for your guidance. I am a Christian who isn’t shameless because she cares about this tore up world we live in. This ain’t even my planet! I’m an alien here because when I die, I go back home with my father in heaven. So why do I care about how I look, sound, or even come off here? Why limit myself in this type of confusion?

We are divinely made and we have so many fulfilling interactions and events to encounter. Stop it you guys and stop it Krystal. Allow yourself to sing and sound like the drunk you sound like. Now I’m going to be real. I am sensitive about my crafts and a perfectionist. I actually feel like I can sing and dance with some practice. lol I REALLY DO! I’m just so afraid to look weak or stupid. I’m afraid to hear “what the freak is she doing?” MINDING MY BUSINESS! Better recognize! *Neck roll and eye roll combo*

Here is what I want to say: I am afraid to love too hard. I am afraid to dance. I am afraid to sing. I am afraid to tell the wrong joke. I am afraid to disappoint people around me. I am afraid to wear clothes or hair (yes I “wear” hair lol ) that makes me look judged.

You aren’t in this mess alone. If I can be honest with the world wide web, you can be honest with yourself. Don’t allow your flaws to stay so far hidden that you don’t check them. How can we change the world if we are blind to the important issues of who we are? Too afraid to make a stand when you see non-woke behavior also falls in this category. I saw The Hate U Give because I just loved the book. Why does a girl in high school have more boldness and awareness than me? Do you ignore the world and yourself and live in your own bubble?

I choose to be woke on who Kryssy Krys is, and who she represents in this community. I cannot continue to allow myself to stay asleep in being shameless for myself, God, and our people. Are you bold? Are you honest? Are you self-aware?

I am limiting my own life that never had a limit. I never had orange cones around my life until I put them there. Dang. I really am life blocking myself.

It’s ok if you aren’t there yet, but just look in the mirror and in your own heart. Stop the generational curses and the limitations that you allow. Remove the orange cones. You don’t have to live within them. God has you covered baby.

If you haven’t seen or read the book The Hate U Give, do both and tell me how much you loved them.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

11 thoughts on “Remove Your Orange Cones, The Fear U Give

  1. Dellisia Nicole says:

    Great blog Krys ! Keep it up. You’ve changed a lot because the old you wouldn’t even tell anyone this . I’m so proud of you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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