I Feel Stuck. Where do I go from here?

Oh, how I have missed and slacked on this. This is the only time I feel like I am doing something just for me, and I slack on doing it. What a disgrace I tell you.

I hope everyone is doing awesome, and I am truly blessed and highly favored, but I feel stuck. I really just started praying harder on this. It’s like you feel it for so long but you don’t speak on it like its going to all go away. False. Baby. Please.

I feel like I don’t know where to go next. I know I should wait on God and I am cool with that until I start comparing. I start looking at what people who I went to school with are doing and how successful they are. They are travelling to different countries and I barely get out of the state these days. They take flights to have business meetings with friends and I am just like … “what am I doing wrong.”

We should never compare ourselves because God doesn’t want us to but dang it’s really hard not to. I see people I went to school with like Everette Taylor who is now doing so many things and working with so many brands. He always seemed like a cool dude and he wasn’t perfect and made it known he had struggled and went through things, but he has truly came up from it and it made him stronger.

I cannot fathom God using me like he used him and some of his friends. I feel like it’s supposed to happen but I feel stuck because I feel like I’m not moving fast enough and I still don’t quite know how I want to use my talents for the good of man kind. lol So cheesy but for my brothers and sisters with no jobs, I’m supposed to be furnishing them for you. I am supposed to workout everyday so that you can feel inspired and I can instruct and lead workout sessions. I’m supposed to have already finished this marketing degree and create a firm where we grow small businesses and allow them to compete with these bigger corporations. I am supposed to be training and inspiring through my lost areas of life.

But I sometimes don’t feel good enough or informed enough to tell anyone anything. I can barely pass by Chick-Fil-A without thinking about stopping. I have to do better with treating my mind, temple and spirit correctly. My prayer life is slacking and my fitness journey has been lacking. When those 2 areas are great, I’m great and can brainstorm better.

Looks like I just fixed my problem.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys.

3 thoughts on “I Feel Stuck. Where do I go from here?

  1. Dellisia Nicole says:

    Everyday is a new journey & you were not born to be perfect. You learn each day and you’re constantly growing. You’re in an uncomfortable season so your feeling are valid. Now that you recognize them you can work on improving Krystal. ♥️


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