I Love Myself Enough…

2019 is hurr bihhh! I don’t cuss so this is the closest I will get to it. lol

I am so blessed to see another year, to type another word, to lose another pound, and to drink a glass a koolaid. Blessings.

I have been using a mantra that has been getting me through the day.  When a bag of cheetos jumps on my back, or when a Snickers looks at me wrong, or when Bojangles tries to take my man…I say…”I love myself enough.”

It came from the new year eve service at my church. My pastor said, you have to love yourself enough to not fall into your addiction. For me, my addiction is food. LOVEEEE ITTTT! We have been in a relationship for about 28 years. It’s hard to leave him. He is just so sexy and makes me full of….fat. lol Awful dude.

Now this is funny to me now but honestly I’ve cried about not being able to say no or slow down eating in my past. When I was stressed,  onion rings make me smile. It’s like that for us all right? When we feel we have an excuse to treat our temples incorrectly, we find them. When you want to forget about your pain, you drink. When you want to get someone out of your head, you smoke weed. When you want to escape life, you try to end yours.

It’s never ok whether its food, drugs, alcohol, or anything else that can be over indulged. If you can’t monitor yourself and be self aware, it may be a problem that you do not want to ignore. Never let that be you.

I share and I want to keep sharing and be consistent. Every struggle I go through is so someone else doesn’t feel alone and abusive to themselves. I pray that you seek your higher power. Mine is God. He’s my love, he’s my source, he’s my smile, he’s my everything. He’s in me. Honey it doesn’t get any deeper.

How would you feel if you had this house that was so beautifully decorated on the inside, but looks like an abandoned building on the outside. People are fearful to come near you, they don’t know that you two will be blessing each other in 2019, and you are the same towards them because of insecurities that don’t even matter. You are amazing but you won’t let anyone see it or you won’t let yourself love yourself. You feel you aren’t worthy or it doesn’t matter. Until you feel weighed down with weight, guilt, loneliness, and heartache. Never let yourself put yourself down. We are built to be our own uplifting.

Remember that. Happy New Year!

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys


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