What Flavor? Stole this from a Living Single Episode

Man oh man. Chance the rapper said it…”and we back and we back”.

I have 3 favorite shows. They are deep and historical:

  • Golden Girls
  • Living Single
  • Reba

I’m a simple chick. I like watching groups of women live their best lives and succeed in friendship, careers, and love. Reba; she’s just bomb.

Why would we rather watch it than have it? You ever think about why you watch 10 millions shows, and have no life? I mean I don’t have the answers, shoot I’m asking for a friend lol. Do you think maybe you want to live the life or take the risk Olivia Pope took? Or be the doctor with the love life struggles of Grey’s Anatomy? Or maybe suck blood like Vampire Diaries? Go give some hickies and live your best life! Sike, please don’t do that, herpes is real in these streets.

I realized that I watch these shows for certain reasons that depict who I want to be. I want the strength, love and wittiness of Reba. The style of Regine and the boss chick vibe of Kadijah. The jokes of Dorothy and the sauce of Blanche. I love the entire woman that these characters create for me. I want to be bossy and stand by my words. I want to be loved for my solid mindset of who I am and who I want to be.

Own my a business, boss up, love God, love others and werk honey. That’s my victory. It’s already set in stone so why would I rather watch women do what I already have inside? Am I weak? Am I insecure?  Am I just a mess and a half? Naw…no messy baby. Just trying to, as Pastor G said, “look up”. There is a woman in the Bible who was bent over for years. She could have looked up but her spirit was what restricted her. She had the ability to look up and stand up. She just didn’t believe in herself because of the instances of her past. Jesus had to let home skillet know, “Baby girl! Look up, I got you!”. Paraphrased in old G language.

I’m dope. He’s dope. She’s dope.  AND WE’RE ALL DOPE, HEYYYY! If you watched Good Burger, you will understand that extra remix.

Stop looking down. You won’t realize what your true standards are for your life, until you stop looking beneath you. *Mic Drop*

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys





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