Man Just Be Yo’Self!

Hey hey, you da’ stuff!

Hey hey, you so tough!

Hey hey, you so dope!

Hey hey, you so…mmmm. You felt that beat though right? The rap was evolving just has your eyes moved on the screen. Yooooo….when they rap career starts, don’t hate.

So what I am feeling this week is weird and timid. Whyyyyy? Am I ashamed of the person that I emit or am I just shy? Think its the first one to be honest with you. I think I am so funny and so dope with so many fascinating ideas that just need a bit of watering. I just feel that about myself, but what if someone else doesn’t, especially people you want to feel it.

I am different with certain people: my managers, people I manage, and people I date. Dang near er’body. Goodness. I just hate to not be perfect with all of those individuals because I am always aware of judgement possible moments. WHYYYYYYYYYY!?

Everything you have issues with, has stemmed from childhood moments. Er’thang. When someone picked on your nose, when someone wouldn’t allow you in their clique, when the girl in the dance battle made you look lame in front of your 2nd grade boyfriend…

THIS ALL HAPPENED TO ME. Not telling the rest in this blog because we are writing blogs not books baby. Maybe if God feels I have enough to say, we will throw that up in the air.

What makes you aware of judgement? What makes you care about judgement? Are you not confident in yourself? All valid and amazing questions that I think therapy would help a lot of us get over, especially in the black community.

We  have identified these areas, right? You remember someone always speaking to the girls with big boobs so now you think 3 bras is necessary in life. Or maybe you were told you had teeth that were scrapping with each other, so now you don’t fully smile. We can all sit and bring those hurtful moments to surface and think about their impact on us. But what now?

Affirmation. After affirmation. Prayer after prayer. Self-care and self-love. Start to make lists of why you think you are dope, because at the end of the day, your opinion matters most. God loves you either way. He is doper than dope. He thinks you are dope by following the path he’s led you on. He has way more for us than we have for ourselves. He’s bomb like that. Think about the people in your life that you seek to impress. Why do you care what they think if you are doing your absolute best? Maybe it’s the fact that you haven’t done YOUR best and you feel like they can see that. Or maybe you just care too much about people who don’t live your life or make or break you. Find that reason. Meditate on who you are and what you want to be.

I want to be a dope Christian woman who people can be themselves with and feel no judgement with and just brings a light into the room. I want to manage, own, and produce major things for myself, businesses and many families. I’m going to be layered up with this associates, that bachelors, and that MBA not because I need it for validation, but because knowledge is power in a power sucking world. Plus we dropping almost 100 lbs. lol 6 lbs down this past week.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

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