Christ Love or Worldly Love?

I know you opened this saying this sounds like it is going to be preachy as a mug…well…

It may be but just roll with me.

I have been trying to understand dating and why it works or doesn’t work. Sometimes you may feel like I will love this person until the Earth stops turning, and then sometimes I will love this person until I smell stank breath in the morning. lol That jank can burn the eyebrows off your face, be careful honey.

“Luv vs Love”

Luv or Worldly love is conditional. If this man acts right. If this woman doesn’t nag me. If this guy gives me the time I need. If this girl gives me the buns. If he lays the pipe.

All these are lustful thoughts that don’t even hold weight.

Yes, women nag, we are more observant than most of yall…just embrace it.

Yes, men don’t get us sometimes, we are extra! It is fine!

If a condition such as these makes or breaks you guys, then it’s not real, just fabricated by your feelings and emotions with no logic or friendship behind it.

Love or Christ love is unconditional and ugly pretty. You know those people who are ugly pretty? That is this one. Not perfect, but dag on that person is beautiful. You see the soul and the heart and you realize how beautiful they are even though they were born with no eyebrows. Aye… it’s real.

I love this person even though they keep leaving the toilet up. I love this person even though braces should have been on those teeth 10 years ago. I love you even though you struggle to understand me. I love you even though you nag. These things happen. But where do they stem from?

She nags you because she loves you fully and overthinks and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of your love or growth. He doesn’t understand you fully because he doesn’t concentrate on the small things like you, but he looks at you as a beautiful painting and doesn’t look at every stroke the way you do. It is ok.

Love languages are sometimes different and things of your past mess with your abilities to understand each other. Christ-like love will have you confused and persistent to stick it through. Worldly love is a 2 cent ho. Don’t keep her, she ain’t loyal.

God should be in your relationship if you are a believer. If he hasn’t checked it off as purposeful or in your will, you will know. It will feel weirdly forced and it won’t be unconditional. Everything will make you want to throw in the towel. Now you will have times in a Christ-like love where you want to throw in the towel, but the towel won’t stay down for long. Pick it up, put it in the washing machine, and try it again.

Let him guide you, best tour guide you can ever have.

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys

3 thoughts on “Christ Love or Worldly Love?

  1. Beautifulborahk says:

    Great blog!!! I totally agree 100%. When you figured out the difference between luv and real love it’s truly nothing better than Godly love/real love.


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