This little light of mine…

…I’m going to let it shine.

Good evening Queens and Kings,

I have been on this energy kick. I truly believe in the transfer of energy and finding the correct source of your energy.

FYI: God is my source of light and energy.

Light is a type of energy. All of those good old photons. And the cool thing about light is that is the only visible energy. It’s beautiful if you see the dope picture.

My positive energy in a room lights the room for myself and others. It enables me to see things clearer and it allows others around me to see as well. You are the lamp of life! You that bomb lamp at Z Gallerie. You are that dope and that high of quality. So why dim it?

Don’t ever dim it for a man or woman…like really…don’t ever do that.

If you find your energy low, check what you are using as a source.

A job does not supply you with that energy. A man does not supply me with that energy. So check yourself before you wreck your mind and spirit by turning away from your source. You must redirect when you feel like you are off. Lately, I have felt so off but I figured out why. I was allowing my job to take over my life. I was allowing my source to be my job. I am supposed to be a light for others in my workplace because God created a Queen who leads a crew to see a vision. That is who I am. I am strong so why am I dimming my light and spirit to make me a “yes woman” just to make others happy and be sucked dry. Not in 2019.

I will never allow anyone or anything to take my God’s throne. I am freaking awesome and I will not allow that to be taken from me. I cannot control the world. I cannot control people. I am here to help my heavenly father create more brightness in a sea of darkness. I am here to show that God’s light and my feminine energy can swarm a room and just make some amazing things happen. I don’t have to be masculine to be a boss, and neither do you. Stop killing ourselves to prove a point to people that do not matter. GOD MATTERS. WE MATTER.

Check your source. Redirect. Be Vulnerable. Be self-aware. Try again. Love.

Love God,

Love yourself,

Love Krys.



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