If I were Angela Bassett…

Good day, my people.

I pray that you are living your day full of BBW behaviors: Black, Bold, and Winning. 

I just randomly saw a video of Angela Bassett sharing her queendom vibes with other women who are willing to receive it. I’m one of those women who loves to hear a strong black woman pass down wisdom. I take it. I hold it. I run with it.

I have seasons of insecurities about being the queen I am, and sometimes wondering if I’m truly a queen, or a princess trying to hold up a crown that is too heavy for my soul to bear. It sucks to have those feelings. Mostly they’re feelings and thoughts that I bring upon myself.

Starting a new job has always put me in that insecure stage. I am now in a sales management position that isn’t focused on one primary thing. It’s now a store full of items that I know nothing about. Think about going from know-it-all season to know-nothing season. It’s a struggle of feeling unqualified, undeserving, and like a fool.

No lie. I am my worst critic. How can I hear the words and motivations of others if my voice inside speaks so loudly that it blocks the positivity that tries to fill me? It’s hard, but not impossible.

Try saying these few sentences to yourself on a daily with me:

  1. God put me here for a reason…stop doubting him.
  2. You’ve done amazing things in your past that won’t touch the prodigious future you have to come
  3. Being uncomfortable is a sign of growth going forward.
  4. Dang you look good!

lol That last one is a winner. Don’t forget that one.

I am always doubting myself and my choices. Stop. I’m intelligent, I’m just terrible with my current vocab. That’s what they made books and thesauruses for lol Don’t beat yourself up honey bun. Maybe you needed to hear that too.

Don’t beat yourself up honey bun.

We get so caught up in our flaws and what doesn’t naturally come to us, that we compare ourselves to others and beat ourselves up from within. That’s the worst butt whoopin’.

Angela Bassett is a beautiful woman who truly embodies class and a true queen. Let that spirit flow through you sis. You’re just as beautiful. So stop putting yourself down.

I pray for comfort in your uncomfortable stages, and love for the present stage you are in. If you find love for your uncomfortable self and moments, then you will truly be appreciative when that moment transitions.

And don’t forget,

Love God, Love Yourself,

Love Krys




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