Summer Walker, Tours, and Vibes


It’s amazing.

It’s amazing what a good vibe will do for you. It’s amazing what having bad vibes will do to you as well. It’s a feeling I personally hate to even be around. I hate to see people not being at their best and not being loved enough. Don’t you? Then let me say this…

I’m Over it…

Over It Pink Phone GIF by Summer Walker

Summer walker. Girl…She can put herself out every day and advertise herself and her personal life, but a tour of exchanging vibes is what makes her let herself and others down. Do I think it’s right? Nope. Do I think it’s wrong? Nope. None of my business actually,  social media will make you believe it is.

Why didn’t she say something before? Why didn’t she protect her social anxiety in every place so it wouldn’t be overwhelming? Why didn’t she set up small venues and not so many for her first tour? Why do we get ourselves in things that aren’t for us or that show the worst in us?

Because we are going off a vibe that isn’t even ours. We are motivated by motivations that aren’t even for us. We are making things passions that aren’t ours, but are others. I fight so hard to prove myself because of my upbringing. Because of my need to have approval from my superiors, whether family or even teachers and management. Who benefits more from my success, me or my manager. For my manager it’s short-lived, for myself it’s forever. So why do we keep exchanging energy and giving so much of ours for causes that aren’t ours? Stop that shiznit.

If you’ve ever watched a Creed movie, you’ve seen what it means to know what you are fighting for and to know that it can’t be to please others or to fix something of the past, it has to be your own passions, vibes, and a love for doing what you do. There is a purpose for everything, so stop forgetting that when you are on the way to work, school, your business, your family. Know why you do what you do and how to protect yourself from others. Do things for yourself, and not to please. Summer Walker’s tour wouldn’t be half canceled if she knew that from the jump. Know yourself and find your roots. They’re yours and so worth it.

By the way, in 2020 I’m going to be doing splits on these hoes. Just an FYI…I’m back yall.

Saweetie icy saweetie mytype GIF

Love God, Love Yourself


3 thoughts on “Summer Walker, Tours, and Vibes

  1. Key says:

    I loved this! It was authentic and you’re so right about establishing our own boundaries. If we don’t, then who will? I started choosing me a minute ago so thank you for this confirmation.


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